Welcome to the NHC Vidcast, a service from the NHC Group companies Norlandia, Aberia, Kidsa and Hero. The vidcast is established for the benefit of our more than 10.000 employees across countries and divisions. In the face of the current challenge posed by the corona virus, the vidcast aims to provide down-to-earth advice, evidence-based recommendations, and insights and learning for the long term. The content is available to audiences who are not employees as well.

Perspectives on covid-19 from two Impande employees in South Africa

(Language: English, Norwegian and Swedish Company: Norlandia Preschools) In this video recorded on April 15, 2020, Nina Knarvik of the Norlandia Preschool division talks to Brian and Maria Liggett about the work that Impande is doing in South Africa during the Covid-19 crisis, their experiences over the years in that country, and the history of…

Regional info-meetings for parents about preschool re-opening in Norway

Language: Norwegian; Company: Norlandia Preschools Today information meetings were held for parents of the local cooperation councils (samarbeidsutvalg; SU) in all preschools in Kidsa and Norlandia. Gudleik Leir, MD, our Chief Medical Officer, as well as senior managers of the preschools answered questions from parents and commented on the new guidance document from the government…

Corona info-meetings for employees in Finland

(LANGUAGE: English and Finnish) Norlandia Preschools CEO Olli Lehtisalo discusses the effects of the epidemic on preschools in Finland and psychologist Maria Kenola of Mehiläinen medical center offers support and means for dealing with the worries and uncertainties in facing corona.

Sound advice from crisis psychology expert prof. Atle Dyregrov

LANGUAGE: English and Norwegian; Company: NHC Group Tor Brekke and Ernst Karlsen of the NHC Group sat down on Thursday, April 2 for a brief conversation with prof. Atle Dyregrov on strategies for how to cope with the current corona pandemic. He is a renowned expert in the field of crisis psychology and counseling. He…

Corona info-meetings for preschool employees in Norway

(LANGUAGE: Norwegian COMPANY: Norlandia Preschools) Today, NHC leadership held informational meetings for all of the Norlandia and Kidsa preschool employees in Norway over Microsoft Teams. Did you miss the meetings? Here are the meetings recorded for your viewing! Information meeting – Oslo: Informaton meeting – Region øst: INFORMATON MEETING – REGION Vest/Kidsa:

Corona info-meetings for preschool employees in Norway

(LANGUAGE: Norwegian COMPANY: Norlandia Preschools) Today, NHC leaders held their first informational meeting about the Corona virus for employees of Norlandia and Kidsa preschools. Three of the four meetings are available for viewing here. Information meeting – region Oslo Information meeting – Region øst Information meeting – region nord and nordland